Bitcoin and crypto currencies

Vintage Velo embraces Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, as decentralisation is the future of commerce. Digital currencies and the Blockchain are going to change everything in the way the internet changed everything back in the 90s. Remember when you wanted to buy something you had to go out and go shopping?

Fast forward to now and this is an exciting time when the potential for local or international business without huge third party transaction and exchange fees has positive implications for all businesses, even one like ours!

Nobody can know for sure what the future has in store, but right now BitCoin leads the digital currency field by quite a margin. We are happy to receive payment for our products in most digital currencies including BitCoin, Ethereum, BitCoin Cash, Ripple and a number of other coins like Monero which are strong on privacy.

If you want to pay by a digital currency, including ones not listed above, create your order as if you were going to pay with PayPal or debit card and when you are at the checkout page contact us at admin[at] and we will send you our details and the amount for the digital currency you have chosen. It’s that simple!

To make it even easier we will be adding payment gateways for most major crypto currencies in the near future.

You can’t hodl forever you need to buy high quality vintage cycling stuff now!

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