Alain Michel

Alain Michel


For sale a unique 12 speed vintage bicycle hand built by one of France’s top frame building craftsmen, Alain Michel. Michel built tailor made frames for the very top riders in the world including Pierre Trentin who was successful in sprint track events, in which he won two gold and two bronze Olympic medals, as well as 11 medals at world championships.

Alain Michel also created frames for Greg Lemond out of the exclusive and rare Excell tubing, the very best available in the late 80’s and early 90’s and only used in a handful of exclusive bicycles, as in this example. Alan Michel cycles can be recognised by the Arc de Triomph emblem engraved in the top of the fork legs and the distinctive circles in the headstock lugs.

This model has a fantastic component list as follows.

Alain Michel advertFrame – 50cm Excell tubing
Crankset – Sugino Super Maxy
Pedals – Rewax with Christophe toe clips
Derailleurs – Shimano 105
Shifters – Simplex friction
Brakes – Shimano 600
Brake levers – Shimano 105
Headset – Stronglight
Stem – Atax
Bars – Phillipe
Seatpost – JPR (Jean-Paul Routens)
Saddle – San Marco Rolls
Wheels – Lightweigh hubs with Mavic MA2 Clincher rims.

This is an exceptional bike in fantastic condition, it is from the 80’s early 90’s and is sign written with the name P. Chapelain which is believed to be the owner.