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Tony Varey took up cycling at school in the 1960s and became an avid follower of the sport. Struggling to understand the rapidfire RTL race commentaries on a transistor radio certainly helped his French! He then left it behind and followed a career in the oil business including time in Latin America and the Middle East before returning to cycling in his fifties. His enthusiasm has recently been invigorated by the rediscovery of the joys of riding vintage steel-framed bikes around the lanes of West Sussex.

“Cyclisme” – A schoolboy description of cycle sport in 1966

I wrote this for my school mag in 1966 aged 15.   “Why don’t you write something about your passion for cycling” my father said.

It’s interesting (almost amusing) to read, and to think how things have changed, but some of my precocious (and rather derogatory) comments make me look like a bit of a sage foretelling the future…

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Anquetil '65

The Greatest Cycling Achievement Ever?

I refer to Jacques Anquetil’s fantastic 1965 double, winning the eight-day Critérium du Dauphiné Libéré and the 560 km Bordeaux-Paris one-day race the very next day.

It’s an amazing story, and  well documented.  J.B. Wadley tells it beautifully in the July 1965 edition of Sporting Cyclist (where these black and white photos come from).  And there’s British interest in this year’s race, with two Brits taking part: Tom Simpson and Vin Denson.  But this year it was all about Anquetil.  Here’s the story in brief. Continue reading The Greatest Cycling Achievement Ever?