Battaglin frame

Battaglin frame


Research concludes that this is an official Battaglin team racer. It is in the  colours of the World Championship winning bike ridden by Stephen Roche for Carrera in ’87 but it doesn’t have the WC sticker so it is probably 86/early 87.

Stephen Roche on a BattaglinThe frame which is incredibly lightweight has a factory sticker saying the frame is “speciale” and the lightweight forks are fully chromed. The frame has no serial number stamp only the frame size is stamped into the bottom bracket, this was common on frames produced for racing purposes. The frame is true but has numerous places where the paint has chipped, a respray would restore it to former glory.

BattaglinBattaglin Cicli has been creating and producing Italian racing and mountain bikes for more than 30 years. The firm was founded by Italian legendary cyclist Giovanni Battaglin in the early 80s. Read more here.

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