Beautiful Bianchi

Bianchi Specialissima Professionale video

In our busy world of packing, shipping and stock sourcing we don’t get a lot of time to do things just for the joy of it. But every now and again we make a little time to have some fun making video. And what better subject matter than some of the lovely bikes that we are lucky enough to stock.

Beautiful Bianchi

Lumix G2
Lumix G2

One of these was a beautiful 1970s Bianchi Specialissima Professionale which we decided to film. Not having a video camera or a GoPro we used a regular cheapish camera, the Lumix G2. The G2 has some  capacity to shoot moving images which we did ever so professionally hanging out of a car window.

I seriously watch this video once a day  beautiful bikeee

We quickly “edited” and posted to YouTube and Vimeo and thought no more of it. Since then we have noticed that this little bit of footage has become very popular with a lot of positive comments and across the two video platforms we have had nearly 15,000 views which for a bit of fun we are pretty chuffed with!

My new favourite video on YouTube! !!!!!!!! beautiful bike

So we thought we would re-post it here to share with our new visitors.

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