Bridge over the River Adur

Cycled out from Brighton to Lancing with Tess the other day and got to cross the new bridge which is joy compared to the main traffic bridge. Every time I cross that I feel like I am taking my life into my hands as car drivers seem to take great pleasure in squeezing me into the curb at every opportunity.

The new bridge has given easy access to the shops and pub on the beach side and even though it was pretty chilly we sat outside and had a coffee and a pasty that filled me up nicely. Sitting there I noticed that there were a couple of empty shops in the parade and I was wondering if it would be a good place to start a classic bike shop as I can imagine many cyclists will be crossing the bridge, so could be good for passing trade. Maybe when the spring comes, who knows.

The Veneto

Having rather a large amount of bikes in stock at the moment I have quite a choice when it comes to what I ride so I took the opportunity to ride the Veneto which although a little big for me is a nice smooth ride. It clicks through its 18 speeds effortlessly and the Campagnolo Avanti brakes have great stopping power which give you loads of confidence.

I love the chromed front forks which are shaped like a tuning fork. It was hard to find the history of the Veneto but effectively it is an Orbea which is a famous Spanish bicycle manufacturer who bought out the Veneto brand that was originally French.

Anyway returning back to Brighton we decided to stay off the main road and take the suggested cycle route which runs, directly opposite the bridge, past Shoreham train station and then turns right to go parallel to the coast road which it joins back up to by the turn off for the locks behind Carats Cafe. The cycle route is not easy to follow because the right turn after Shoreham station is inadequately marked by a tiny sign on a lamppost that is very easy to miss. It is a bit slower than heading straight down the coast road but infinitely safer, one day we will have a cycle route running along the coast.  Let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long.