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Classic Team Time Trial – Tour of Cambridgeshire

We are very pleased to announce that Vintage Velo is sponsoring the Classic Team Time Trial at the Tour of Cambridgeshire.

Kevin Stone from Vintage Velo said “I am excited and looking forward to being involved in the Tour of Cambridgeshire Festival and sponsoring the TTT Classic, it has all the ingredients required to make it a must go event for vintage bike enthusiasts like me!Continue reading Classic Team Time Trial – Tour of Cambridgeshire

Trouble with the youngest

Trouble with the youngest

SORRY TO HEAR you’re having trouble with the youngest,” the sales rep commented on overhearing a conversation about my tumble on the Alan, “how many do you have?” “Thirteen” I replied.

He seemed surprised. “You started early so, when did you marry?” Now my turn to be quizzical. ‘What does that have to do with anything?’ I thought, the pain making me sigh. “You both survived the crash though?” he inquired. “I don’t know, my Alan never came back from West Cork.” Continue reading Trouble with the youngest

“Cyclisme” – A schoolboy description of cycle sport in 1966

I wrote this for my school mag in 1966 aged 15.   “Why don’t you write something about your passion for cycling” my father said.

It’s interesting (almost amusing) to read, and to think how things have changed, but some of my precocious (and rather derogatory) comments make me look like a bit of a sage foretelling the future…

Continue reading “Cyclisme” – A schoolboy description of cycle sport in 1966