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Tommy Godwin’s HAMR Record Broken

Of all the cycling records, I thought Tommy Godwin’s 1939 “Highest Annual Mileage Record” (HAMR)  of 75,065 miles (120,805 kilometres) could never be broken.  But it was  –  in January 2016.

The New Contenders

Highest Annual Mileage RecordKurt Searvogel rode through Godwin’s long-standing record on Monday 4 January 2016. The American started his attempt on January 10 2015.

The 53-year-old from Sheridan, Arkansas, who is also known by his nickname of ‘Tarzan’, broke it in Flatwoods Park, Tampa, Florida, with five days to spare.

His eventual total for the new record, completed on 10 January 2016, was 76,076 miles (122,432km).

But there are others making attempts!   British hope Steve Abraham commenced his attempt on 1 January 2015 but suffered a setback when he was hit by a moped in March, breaking his ankle.  Although Abraham continued to ride, the 42-year-old only reached full fitness again in August.  He restarted in August but eventually gave that up too.  However, instead, in September 2016 he broke the “HMMR”  –  the Highest MONTHLY Mileage record with a distance of 7104 miles over 30 days  –  that’s 237 miles every day!

Another challenger also joined in: London-based New Zealander Bruce Berkeley commenced his attempt from 1 January 2016.  However, he too encountered difficulties and abandoned the attempt on Searvogel’s record.

But wait a minute…

tommy godwin and the Highest Annual Mileage Record

Apparently Tommy Godwin carried on riding into 1940 and in May broke the 100,000 mile time record…

Surely the greatest endurance athlete of all time?

Read more  in Cycling Weekly and on the Tommy Godwin website.

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Tony Varey took up cycling at school in the 1960s and became an avid follower of the sport. Struggling to understand the rapidfire RTL race commentaries on a transistor radio certainly helped his French! He then left it behind and followed a career in the oil business including time in Latin America and the Middle East before returning to cycling in his fifties. His enthusiasm has recently been invigorated by the rediscovery of the joys of riding vintage steel-framed bikes around the lanes of West Sussex.

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