An opportunity to own a vintage 12 speed Lapebie in burnt orange with highly polished chrome front forks. This 52cm classic french racer has Vitus lightweight Profil tubing and a list of high quality components that add up to a beautiful bike.

It has an outstanding drilled Spidel crankset with Maillard Pedals and Lapize toeclips, Spidel brake calipers, Shimano 600 Arabesque front and rear derailleur, shifters and levers. Top quality lightweight wheels have Spidel hubs with Arc en Ciel super competition champion rims.

A Stronglight competition headset with Belleri Criterium bars and white San Marco Concor Supercorse saddle on a JPR lightweight seatpost.

This is a beautiful machine and whoever buys it will be a very happy cyclist indeed. In fact they probably won’t do much cycling but a lot of sitting around looking at it!

The Lapebie is a classic bike that rides and looks like a dream.

Lapébie is a famous name in French cycling.