A hand built late 1970’s SMG with a 58cm Ishiwata frame and fabulous drilled chainrings. It has chrome forks with the SMG logo engraved into the top. The forks which are Columbus do have some corrosion. The bike has been repainted at one of the UK’s top restorers. It has a new chain, cables, inner tubes and tyres.

It has a superb list of components as listed below.
smg logo

  • Shimano 600 Arabesque crankset
  • Shimano 600 Arabesque front/rear derailleurs
  • Campagnolo Record shifters
  • Shimano 600 Arabesque brake levers
  • Shimano 600 Arabesque brakes
  • 3ttt stem
  • Shimano 600 Arabesque headset
  • Shimano bottom bracket
  • Campagnolo Record seat post
  • Brooks saddle
  • Ofmega Master hubs
  • Mavic MA2 rims
  • Michelin Classic sport tyres

About SMG

SMG Jean Frelat
Jean Frelat

SMG was the brand name of the frames made by Jean Frelat, a constructeur, based at Pavillons-sous-Bois, just to the east of Paris. He was very well known in the late 70s and early 80s, a time when he built quite a lot of frames for leading French amateur riders, on both road and track.

He also sponsored several French lady champions such as Isabelle Nicoloso and Valerie Simonet, both of them track riders. Jean was quite an innovative builder and in the late 70s and early 80s, his frames were seldom out of the columns of the French cycling press.