Stolen: Alan Super Record – 59cm – #558491



The wool top click for detail

Bike thieves are everywhere.. Recently we sold a beautiful vintage Alan Super Record in absolute mint condition to a customer who was hoping to get the bike before Christmas.

We carefully packed the bike up and enclosed a lovely wool cycling top that had had been purchased by the previous owner when he bought the bike new in 1980.

Alan Super Record
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We booked a City Link delivery through Postage Supermarket  and they collected on the 16th December. The bike arrived at their Swindon depot the next day and promptly disappeared into thin air.

This was distressing,  because for one it was an expensive bike, worth over a thousand pounds, but mostly because it was beautiful and odds on that the thief had no idea what he was stealing.

It was difficult to find out what was happening because first we were told that the bike was taken to the delivery address but nobody was there (not true), then that it had gone missing. When told it was missing we tweeted that City Link had lost the parcel, this was retweeted to over twenty thousand people. City Link immediately got in touch to tell us that it had been found, so the customer arranged to go and collect it. When he arrived at the depot  on the 22nd he was told that actually the bike was missing.

Alan Super Record
Downtube stamp click for detail

On asking Postage Supermarket about insurance as we had taken out extra cover, we were told that it was in the hands of City Link. We were unaware at this point that two days later, on Christmas Day, City Link would announce that they were closing down.

Following the closure the police have very little to go on which looks like the thief has got away with it.

We have reimbursed the client but the chance of an insurance payout looks remote. The bike is probably only one of a handful in the country as it is a rare large framed version of the Alan Super Record. Here are some distinguishing features.

  • Frame #558491 stamped on the bottom bracket shell.
  • On the downtube stamped ALAN 580 (manufactured May 1980)
  • Large frame 59cm (59 x 58 stamped on BB)

Should you be thinking of buying an Alan we would recommend checking the frame number! Any info please get in touch!

Note: is a good starting point should your bike get stolen.

Details of of the Alan on stolen bikes site –