105-year-old cyclist Robert Marchand sets a new Hour Record of 22.547km

A target for us all to aim at

Robert Marchand  sets a new Hour Record of 22.547 km just months after his 105th birthday.

So there’s a target…

…for Sir Bradley, John Woodburn and indeed all of us.

I sometimes think that even Eddy Merckx should get back into competitive cycling and show us all (again) how it’s done…  on a Vintage Velo of course!

Read more at Cycling Weekly.

About Tony Varey

Tony Varey took up cycling at school in the 1960s and became an avid follower of the sport. Struggling to understand the rapidfire RTL race commentaries on a transistor radio certainly helped his French!He then left it behind and followed a career in the oil business including time in Latin America and the Middle East before returning to cycling in his fifties.His enthusiasm has recently been invigorated by the rediscovery of the joys of riding vintage steel-framed bikes around the lanes of West Sussex.

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