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The 1967-8 “Bike Riders’ Aids” Booklet

If you want to know what kit UK bikies were using in the 1960s, look no further than this small booklet published by Holdsworth of Putney in 1967… 

The Essential Guide

This was a bike rider’s catalogue and was pretty-much the definitive list of all parts and accessories.  And, with everything priced, it was the basis for budgeting and saving up for the next upgrade that one had set one’s heart on…

In fact, every single spare part right down to the last grub screw is listed.

It’s a lovely document.

Campagnolo parts

Take a look at the full 85 page PDF by clicking here.

Tribute to Holdsworth

We should pay our respects here to W.F. Holdsworth Limited who published it out of their shop at 132 Lower Richmond Road, Putney.  The shop closed only quite recently after a long an illustrious history, and the company is now owned by Planet X.

Here’s a picture of a beautiful 1967 Holdsworth Italia Professional, as ridden by their team including Colin Lewis pictured here .

About Tony Varey

Tony Varey took up cycling at school in the 1960s and became an avid follower of the sport. Struggling to understand the rapidfire RTL race commentaries on a transistor radio certainly helped his French! He then left it behind and followed a career in the oil business including time in Latin America and the Middle East before returning to cycling in his fifties. His enthusiasm has recently been invigorated by the rediscovery of the joys of riding vintage steel-framed bikes around the lanes of West Sussex.

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