Crosso panniers & dry bags

Crosso panniers

Crosso Classic 46 panniers

On our recent trip to Spain we invested in Crosso Classic 46 panniers and roll top dry bags. We had read about Crosso on the Toms Bike Trip web site and we weren’t disappointed.

The hard wearing Cordura fabric and sealed seams kept everything completely dry without the need to put clothes in plastic bags. Even when the outside of the bag was completely soaked the inside was 100% dry. Very impressive!

Crosso Classic 46 panniers
Crosso Classic 46 panniers

The bags returned from the trip without a scratch the Cordura exterior means you can lean the bags up against rough surfaces without the fabric tearing or getting damaged. They are rock solid on the bike with steel hooks connecting to the rack helping to make the bike feel stable under load. The bags also incorporate an unbreakable stiff plate which keeps the pannier shape however the bags have been packed. The nylon strapping and unbreakable Duraflex buckles are tough and hold firm even when under considerable stress.

An expandable sleeve and large top lid provides extra loading space and the detachable, waterproof outer pockets are good for keeping things you need access to like a first aid kit, sun cream and tools.

This is a tough product that will last years.

Crosso dry bags

Crosso dry bagWe also took Crosso dry bags with us and they proved to be equally as good as the panniers.The roll top bags were completely water tight and were good for storing the tent which didn’t fit in the panniers.

The bags also have a strap so you can sling them over your shoulder. The material used is resistant to seawater and UV radiation and you can actually use these bags to carry water if you wanted to!

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