The Eddy Molteni collection

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He wasn't just relentless, the Cannibal had style. Save over 10% when you purchase the VV Classics merino wool Molteni shirt & shorts bundle.

Comprised of:
VV Classics '71 Molteni jersey
VV Classics Molteni shorts

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Molteni merino wool jersey - VV Classics

Molteni 100% merino wool jersey with chain stitched embroidery.
As worn by legend Eddy Merckx.
*size information on product page

VV Classics Molteni merino wool shorts

Classics Molteni merino wool shorts with one rear buttoned pocket and a 100% leather velour padded liner.Made in the traditional way.
*size information on product page

Molteni cotton cycling socks

Molteni cotton cycling socks vintage style. 97% Cotton 3% Lycra.

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