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JA Stein Crank Puller


JA SteinJA Stein Crank Puller – For either  Stronglight (23.35mm)  or TA (23mm).

  • Crank extractors with specific threads for removal of TA and Stronglight cranks
  • The Stronglight extractor has 23.35 mm threads for removal of 49d, 93, 99, and TS cranks
  • The TA extractor has 23.0 mm threads for removal of the old TA cranks, both the three arm spider and five bolt attachment

The Stronglight and TA cranks were some of the original forged aluminum cranks available for bicycles dating back to the 1950’s. These beautiful cranks were originally designed with special extractor/puller threads with just enough difference as to require a special tool for their respective crank arms.

Anyone who has used the incorrect tool on them (typically a standard 22 mm tool), has realized that doing so invariably leaves the crank very damaged. Thus the need for the Stein Crank Extractors/Pullers, with very close tolerance threads milled onto them.

Note: Not for 22.2mm Japanese or Italian cranks.

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