Cinelli Original Cork Bar Tape – Various colours


If it’s not Cinelli, it’s not original cork ribbon.

In 1983 Antonio Colombo invented an entirely new”feeling” in the
history of cycling bartape: Cinelli Original Cork Ribbon. Upon its release
this grippy, spongy but durable and ultralight mix of EVA and natural
cork immediately rendered bar tapes of the day (made from cotton or
vinyl) technologically null.

Within the space of a few short years the tape
became an industry standard, spontaneously adopted by professional and
amateur riders across the globe and copied (poorly) by every major
cycling brand in the world. While today Cinelli’s bar tape range is broad
and varied with options to suit an infinite range of styles and personal
preferences, Original Cork Ribbon-still made with the identical “secret
recipe” of EVA and natural cork of 1982-remains technologically
unmatched in its essential balance of ultra lightweight, durability, grip.
comfort and, of course, sophisticated aesthetics. Accordingly, serious
riders across the globe still know that

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