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1973 Peugeot PX10 Professionnel

peugeot-bike-logo1973 Peugeot PX10 53cm – Those in the know will recognise that this is an actual PX10. Not a PN10, a P10, a PA10L, a PR10L or any of the other models that are advertised as PX10's. This is the real thing from 1973 and getting harder and harder to find.

Peugeot Thevenet
As ridden by Bernard Thevent

The PX10 was Peugeot's top of the range professional “course” or racing bike with complete Reynolds 531 tubeset not just 3 tubes as in the lesser models, it didn't have eyelets for mudguards either!

Eddy Merckx Peugeot
A young Eddy on a PX-10 spot the autograph!

It has top spec Simplex, MAFAC and Stronglight components with Nervex Professional lugs (black at the headstock), Simplex dropouts and a steeper frame angle. The previous owner switched from the original tubular rims to Mavic clinchers. It weighs in under 10kg.

About Peugeot

VV Classics Peugeot BP merino wool jersey
VV Classics Peugeot BP jersey

One of the most famous French bicycle manufacturers, was founded by Jean Pequignot Peugeot, a 19th-century manufacturer of water mills. Using the mills' profits, he expanded with a steelworks in Montbéliard, which Jean Peugeot ran with a colleague and his two brothers… More information here.

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